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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Atari readies Wii Fit rival

tari’s forthcoming Family Trainer is on course to make the most of the booming market for family-friendly fitness games, the publisher reckons.

The title, which includes a special mat peripheral, is scheduled for release on Friday September 5th and focuses on family fun rather than just health and fitness, with mini-games like Raging River Rapids, Stomp the Mole and Runaway Mine Train.

“We have very high expectations for Family Trainer at retail with excellent feedback to date,” Ben Walker, senior product manager for Atari UK, enthused. “Pre-orders are high and we’ve had some superb feedback from recent trade shows.”

Walker added: “Being a Wii Fit alternative puts us in a very strong position to offer the market something a little different. This is truly a unique offering from Namco Bandai, competitively priced in the lead up to the Christmas period.”

Atari is ensuring that news of the title will reach all types of consumers with a suitably energetic marketing campaign, and a strong print push. Atari has also sent Family Trainer along to events and there has been a focused PR push: “PR has been in full swing for a while with excellent online coverage and support within the specialist press. A current mainstream and national tour is under way working with Indigo Pearl in the UK.”

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