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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Official Porsche 911 steering wheel coming to Xbox360 from Fanatec

As you may be aware, it is very hard for any third party to get accessories out on the Xbox 360, but Fanatec has succeeded! They have informed us that a prototype version of their Official Porsche 911 wheel for the Xbox 360 is nearly ready. At the moment forcefeedback is working well but not all the features are perfected. They are aiming to hand over a prototype version of the Xbox 360 version to developers of RACE PRO Simbin next week so they can integrate into their game!
Origin post from maxconsole

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AnnaTechnician said...

Oooh, now that is hot.

A lot of people who are commenting on our blog for the tshirt giveaway are saying that XBox 360 is their favorite console. And this new gadget is an indication of why!

Cool blog.