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Monday, September 15, 2008

First Look At Premium DS (Only in Japan)

A shiny finger print nightmare. Here's a first look at the actual Club Nintendo "Premium" DS Lites announced last July. It comes with a groovy pouch too, it seems. There are only 3,000 of these cover plated "Premium" DS Lites: 1,000 Premium Silver; 1,000 Premium Black; 1,000 Premium Rose. These are actually the standard-in-Japan "Gloss Silver", "Jet Black" and "Metallic Rose" DS Lites treated with a special metallic plating cover. Club Nintendo members interested in snagging one of these need to enter the serial numbers of two purchased DS titles that went on sale after August 2006 into the Club Nintendo online application. There's a limit of five entries per member! From that, 3,000 winners will be selected at random.
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