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Monday, September 15, 2008

Molyneux: There are low spots in Fable II

posted by malloc
In what can only be deemed as a surprising admission, Peter Molyneux has confirmed that there are low spots in the game. He commented the lip synch is quite bad and the navigation can be dodgy but there is a whole lot to this game and he doesn't think it will affect things too much. If only more developers displayed such honesty then we'd all be better off as gamers.


Molyneux made the surprising admission during our exclusive interview with him at a recent London press event.

"There's low spots in the game," Molyneux explains. "It's no one's fault that these low spots are there, it's just there's a lot to this game."

He then explains other gripes he has with Fable II. "I think the lip-sync is pretty bad, you know, the quality of the animation falls off, you know, quite a lot, I think the navigation can be a bit dodgy sometimes, I think the dog can... get a bit fractured sometimes."

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