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Thursday, October 02, 2008

[DS]More info and pictures for Nintendo DSi

As previous post about new model DS, now i find more info and pictures for nintendo's Dsi

Nintendo DS will be available free through the site, "Nintendo DSi browser" downloaded to the console would save memory, WiFi communications environment can be viewed on the Internet. In addition, the future will expand through the Internet, Nintendo's "Nintendo DS software" can be downloaded for a fee, can be an extension of the body to function. "Nintendo DS software", not just games, calculator and practical applications are also expected to provide.

In addition, for DSi Nintendo the slot for Game Boy Advance, has been removed. So it is a little thin body size. But because of this, the software for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS which using the slot are also unable to play. Nintendo Dsi are scheduled to be released in 2009.
Video Here

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