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Friday, October 03, 2008

[Wii]FRAGILE battle system

Namco Bandai Games, Inc., Wii RPG "FRAGILE" will be released this winter in japan
FRAGILE was the third-person exploration of the dungeon RPG. Player need to explore the ruins and beat the demon enemy .

The movie's battle scenes in a seamless transition. A button will attack all the way and scope of attacks by the use of different weapons, according to switch weapons will become important. Category of weapons, "rod system", "Hammer system", "spear system", "arch-" the four species. And the characteristics of the weapon is as follows.

[Rod system (wooden sticks, iron, etc.)

The weapon system is a quick stick, to strike in a row. In addition, press button A at well-timing can run a powerful attack.

[Hammer system (such as an axe)]

Swing down the hammer attack. Hold A button to charge for a while can perform a strong swing attack, can blow away nearby enemy.

[Spears system (such as laundry pole)]

Long spear can run out the attack. Press and hold the A button can save power while attacking thrust and long run.

[Arch system (such as a bow)]

Long range attack. The sighting equipment will be displayed on the screen move aiming point, A button to release an arrow.

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