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Thursday, October 02, 2008

[DS]new host "NDSi published"

Time: October 2, 2008 Location: Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium

1. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the publication of the new host NDSi
2. Iwata said the DS to achieve the most rapid popularity has reached saturation, but there is still room for universal
3. NDS in the future will be the goal of a one family one unit
4. NDSL reduced the thickness of 12%, thinning host 2.6mm, GBA socket Fei only strengthen the function of voice, video cameras can (300,000 pixels), 17% expansion of the screen, To increase the radio function, can use the camera function to carry out various types of synthetic
5.(Correction) New DS will only have one touch screen* you can use the photos, are free to adjust the tone and pace of play to save photos containing browser
6.Wii point changed its name to "Nintendo points"
7.DQ9-to-date picture / video, in March 2009 is scheduled for sale
8.Wii/DS linkage of the game "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Echoes of Time" released on January 29 next year simultaneous sale
9.Wii version of the animals sale on November 20, with the DS version of the data exchange, Mii may be used
10.Wii headset with Wii Speak 20th November on sale
11.Wii Sports Resort

News from http://gemaga.sbcr.jp/

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