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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

[wii]Monster Hunter 3 pics and info

"Monster Hunter 3 (tri)" will be released in 2009, new monsters has been released.

Sea species "RAKIAKURUSU"
The ruler of the ocean have a huge body normally in the sea, but also has the ability on land.

bird species dragon "DOSUJAGII"
Dragon JAGII bird species called the leader of the flock leadership.

bird species dragon "JAGII"
Hunt in groups and act in accordance with the instructions of leader.

bird species dragon "JAGIINOSU"
JAGII female. Basically, in the vicinity of the nest, and nest defense and take on child-rearing.

bird species dragon "KURUPEKKO"
Hunter is an attack on the discharge of mucus. The effect of mucus is unknown. Imitating other to bring the cries of monsters. Monster in birdsongs special regain around, and the ability to improve.

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