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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help Name Microsoft's New GFW Live Marketplace

When Microsoft announced that Games for Windows Live multiplayer would go free back in July, they also announced they'd be launching a new marketplace client software where game demos, trailers, and updates would be available for download (just like the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Xbox 360). What they haven't been able to figure out yet, apparently, is a cool name to go with it -- which is where you come in.

As the Gamerscore Blog reveals, Microsoft has now turned to the Internet for answers. You can head over to this poll to voice your opinion on six potential names (including "Games for Windows - LIVE Dashboard," "- LIVE Portal," and "- LIVE Guide"), or, if you please, you can enter a name of your own.

So what will you get if Microsoft actually uses the glorious name you suggest? Bupkis. "Of course, we don't guarantee that we'll agree with, like, or use any of the names you choose or provide," reads a disclaimer. "And if you suggest something we love and end up using, no, we won't give you any credit. But we figured it couldn't hurt to ask." You know, at least a please and thank you would be nice.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few suggestions of our own: "Games for Windows - LIVE Shoporama;" "Games for Windows - LIVE Quick Mart;" "Games for Windows - LIVE Large Hadron Collider of Merchandise;" "Games for Windows - LIVE Money Hole;" and "Games for Windows - LIVE Not Steam." Any other suggestions, folks?

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