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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rumor: Wii ISO loader proof of concept, no need for a mod chip

posted by malloc
Deadrabbit has informed us that he has stumbled across a Wii ISO loader proof of concept. He says 'Linkworm' is a reliable guy and a number of hackers are working on this project. Linkworm is the guy who uploaded the video and assures us that he has no drive chip and at the end states that the well known Waninkoko actually made this...


this is real as i havnt posted anything fake so far, stay tuned for more update, i have no drive chip as shown that mario wont boot on wiimenu :P i use wii chess as the code is still being optimized for other games(wiichess is a real game tho, i saw this because wiichess had to be changed slightly to get it to read on the wii as a backup :P.),

PS it looks like i take the disk out 2 times near the middle, its just that i put the disk in then took it out because i needed to show you it was a backup i was putting in.

waninkoko stoped being a wimp and finally wanted to comeout :P he actualy made this. was there any supprise there tho?

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