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Monday, September 08, 2008

Wii Shop releases for week of 9/8: Groovin' Blocks, Final Soldier, Cho Aniki

No, your eyes do not deceive you -- the legendary and kooky Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM, 900 Wii Points) is coming to the Virtual Console today. Nintendo says that "this shooter made for quite the conversation piece in its day," but I'd argue that people are still trying to figure out just what in the hell is going on.

The "mild suggestive themes" of Cho Aniki are joined by an orgiinal WiWare title Groovin’ Blocks (800 Wii Points). Developed by Empty Clip studios, this music-based rhythm game for one or two players will have you hoppin' and boppin' through 27 stages of hoppin' and boppin' action.

And finally -- SURPRISE! -- another TurboGrafx16 shooter, Final Soldier (TurboGrafx16, 700 Wii Points) makes its way to the Virtual Console. There's a story here, something about defending Earth from aggressive invaders from the 23rd century. You use the tools of the side- or vertical-scrolling trade like lasers, missiles, and e-beams to fend them off. Yay!

The press release is after the jump in case you need more details. Anything look worth picking up today? Personally, I'd say it's hard to resist the uh, allure, or Cho Aniki.

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