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Monday, September 08, 2008

Report: MS Knew About 360 Defects Before Launch/[业界]为抢市场知情不报 Xbox360故障超半数

Investigative report says the 'RROD' defect kept Microsoft from originally planned price cuts.

Call us crazy, but we suspect most Xbox 360 owners are by now well familiar with the dreaded Red Ring of Death -- maybe you haven't suffered through it 11 times, but odds are you or someone you know has likely dealt with Microsoft customer support at some point in the last three years. Now, a new report by VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi (author of the behind-the-scenes books Opening the Xbox and The Xbox 360 Uncloaked) contends that Microsoft knew about the issue before the 360's launch, but refused to delay the release in order to beat their competitors to the market. And that decision, the report claims, has kept Microsoft from marketing and pricing the 360 as aggressively as they would have liked to.

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